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Some time ago, when Sunset Island was first published, I was checking out other books in the lesfic genre on Amazon. I noticed what, in my estimation, was a stunning achievement. Being very impressed, I posted a comment on FaceBook that Kiki Archer had three books in the top twenty on Amazon. She writes very popular books in the genre of lesbian fiction. I was curious about how she continues to produce such successful books and offered her an interview. She graciously accepted. 

Today, ironically, as I post this interview, One Day Longer Than Forever is #1 on Amazon UK. To celebrate our interview, Kiki and I have agreed to each give away a free e-book. To be eligible for an e-book for Kiki, simply like and leave a comment on her FaceBook page. For a ecopy of One Day Longer Than Forever, sign up here on my site to receive my newsletter. My winner will be announced here, and Kiki will announce hers on her FB page.

Our conversation follows, and I hope you enjoy learning about this very successful author as much as I did.

Hello Kiki. Thank you for granting me this interview. Let’s start off with a few ‘light’ questions. Please feel free to ask me anything in return.

AJ: Do you have any fears/phobias?

KA: Hey AJ, thank you for that intro! I don’t really have any huge fears, but I am a little bit rubbish with spiders and creepy crawlies in general.

AJ: Country Mouse or City Mouse?

KA: I grew up in a tiny tiny village in Gloucestershire which made me crave the big city. So when it was time for my studies I flew the nest to Leeds. Now I seem to have settled in the middle with a semi-rural area in Staffordshire. The beauty of Cannock Chase is on my doorstep, and the hustle and bustle of Birmingham is close by.

AJ: Do you have a favorite saying?

KA: Life always tastes better with laughter.

AJ: Tell us about your books and what makes your characters unique and interesting.

KA: I’ve written five lesbian chick-lit novels. One, Binding Devotion, is a standalone, and the others are all interlinked. I think my characters are interesting because they’re true to life. They make mistakes, they give in to temptation, and they lead complicated lives. But I think this makes my readers root for them even more. They want them to achieve their happy ending, even if they haven’t quite helped themselves along the way.

AJ: To what do you attribute the immense success of your stories?

KA: I think I proudly categorize my novels as chick-lit. I don’t pretend I’ve written the next War and Peace. I write easy-read ‘fun’ books. People know what they’re getting when they pick up a Kiki Archer. They’re getting giggles, fun, and frolics. Doesn’t everyone need that every once in a while?

AJ: Absolutely…sometimes more than others. I love reading the reviews people write, although I’ll admit the ones that praise are easier to read than the ones that don’t. What is the toughest criticism you've had as an author and the best compliment?

KA: The best compliment is when you see your novel hit the number one position…when you know lots of people are out there reading your work. I’ve sold 34,000 copies of my novels to date, and the fact that each book reaches number one means that people keep coming back for more. The toughest criticism comes from the ‘anti-indie’ crowd. The people who believe independent publishing is in some way inferior. I think this must be a generational issue where older people compare it to vanity publishing. It’s not. I don’t pay anyone to publish my work. I publish it independently. Most readers don’t care who’s published by whom. They care who’s at the top of the chart...and most of the time you’ll see that it’s independent authors.

AJ: How important to you are the reviews readers leave on Amazon/Goodreads?

KA: I really appreciate it when my readers leave a review. The fact they’ve taken the time to comment means a lot. Are they important for sales? Maybe for new authors, but not so much for authors who have a solid network of readers who already know what they like.

AJ: How do you choose the names of your characters?

KA: I love choosing names. The main characters names always come easily, but sometimes for the sub-characters I’ve been known to skim my Facebook news feed and put a first and last name together.

AJ: In my story, Sunset Island, I had to ‘do away with’ one of the main characters in order to move the story forward. My partner called me a murderer for two weeks! Have you ever killed off a character in any of your books and then regretted it?

KA: Ha! I can imagine. Nope, no deaths in my books.

AJ: How long does it take you to write a book…from that first glimmer of an idea until the book is finished?

KA: 6-8 months on average. My books are always between 70-85,000 words. So again, not huge masterpieces!

AJ: What do you do to get book reviews?

KA: Not much really. I only send my book to one person and that’s the magnificent Terry Baker. She’ll get an early copy and I’ll know from her feedback whether my readers will enjoy it or if there are any final tweaks I need to make.

AJ: Describe yourself in a single sentence?

KA: Fun-loving mummy of two.

AJ: What advice would you give your younger self?

KA: Read more books!

AJ: Thank you for the interview, Kiki. Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to add or have any questions you wish I’d asked that I didn’t?

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