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SL Kassidy is a fellow Desert Palm Press author. We started out at DPP at, relatively speaking, the same time. Her new book is due out soon, and she tells me she is busy editing it now.  We share the common feeling that by the time we're ready to let our books go for publishing, neither of us can bear to read them one more time. We are also both glad that the readers pick up where we leave off!

AJ: What genre(s) do you write in and what drew you to this genre?
SLK: I mostly write romance and drama, mixed together. I like doing fantasy as well, which tends to have romance and drama in it. I don't know what drew me to these genres. It's just what I write. 

AJ: Tell us a bit about your book(s).
SLK: the new one is Please Baby and it's about Jayce Newton and her saving her niece Princess, which helps save Jayce in a way. Jayce's life seems to plummet downhill from that point on since her girlfriend doesn't want Princess and Jayce;s mother makes it her mission to take Princess from Jayce. Jayce looks like she's going to lose everything until Gus Tucker forces her way into Jayce's life.

Scarred for Life, which is being re-edited currently, is about Dane Wolfe and Nicole Cardell. Dane is a vagabond and she's lost all faith in people while Nicole is a successful, but exhausted lawyer with too much faith in people. They meet by a chance and manage to change each other's lives drastically and mostly for the better. Unfortunately, their families don't see things the same way. 

AJ: When you were in high school, did you enjoy creative writing?
SLK: if you mean the class, not really. I only had it one term. I did like writing short stories in high school. The only person to ever read them was my 10th grade English teacher, who was an awesome little lady.

AJ: Do you work with an outline or just write?
SLK: I imagine things out first and whatever I remember I put in an outline. Some outlines are more detailed than others, but I like some kind of map for what I'm going to do. Of course, once the characters start going, there are times when the outline is moot. I don't mind the characters straying from the outline, but the outline at least gives me a starting and ending point, which keeps me from writing forever.

AJ: Do you write on a computer, dictate, or write long hand?

SLK: Answer: a little of computer and a little of long hand. When I first started writing, I did it exclusively long hand, but I always hated having to type it up later. Typing it took forever because I had to continuously look back at my notebook, which then took me forever to post. So, eventually, I abandoned my notebooks (poor notebooks) and started using the computer exclusively, which I didn't like because sometimes I just don't feel like typing or because I get so distracted on the computer (like now, as I should be writing, but here I am doing this). Now, I have a tablet and it has a handwriting recognition app, which allows me to write long hand and it turns it into text, so I don't have to type it. When I get sick of writing by hand or my hand starts to hurt (which it does), I just turn on my wireless keyboard and start typing.

AJ: Wow! That's neat. What a great solution. I wasn't aware that software exists. I've tried using dictation software, but discovered a worrisome fact...I can't think and talk at the same time!

Okay, how about a few easy ones and then we'll get serious again. Are you a 'country mouse' or a 'city mouse'?

SLK: Answer: a city mouse. Sometimes you need to be able to get on a train at one in the morning or buy a hotdog from a vendor you're not sure washed his hands, also at one in the morning. As you might guess, while being a city mouse, I'm also a night owl.

AJ: Cup half full or half empty?

SLK: Depends, did someone drink from the cup or did someone stop pouring too soon?

AJ: Tell us something we wouldn't guess about your characters, an interest, a hobby, some point in their lives.

SLK: Hmm... Nicole was a tomboy for most of her life (and still is at heart). She played softball and tennis, but she also loved to go camping. She would roughhouse with her larger male cousins, climb trees, and explore the woods. Dane has always had no desire to be famous. She would be fine writing and playing music in an  empty room if she could.

As for the characters in the new story, Please Baby, when Jayce was a child, she used to want to go jogging with her brother and her father, but they wouldn't let her. She was always told it was "father/son" time, so they could bond, but her brother would race her places, so she wouldn't feel completely left out. Gus was that kid on the playground that ate worms. She didn't see how they could be worse than her parents' cooking. 

AJ: Which writers inspire you?

SLK: Emily Dickinson in so many ways, but mostly the way that she just kept writing even though she wasn't published much in her life time. Writing was in her and she poured it out, which is what I want to do. I'm also a huge fan of Edgar Allen Poe (short stories, not his poetry). I think his characters are always interesting and I love how we get inside of the characters minds to see their warped way of thinking. 

AJ: Tell us a bit about your main character(s). What makes them unique or interesting?

SLK: I'm not sure if they are that unique, but I'll try going through them. Dane is unique for the simple fact that looking at her, she's classified as black based on her skin tone, but I doubt she'd ever describe herself as black ethnically. Dane is also gifted musically, able to play a number of instruments and this is how she expresses herself. Unfortunately, it leaves her a little emotionally stunted and sometimes she's not sure how to express herself verbally. Nicole is a chemist at heart, but she's allowed herself to be forced into being a lawyer, and she's actually very effective. Despite being fairly smart and capable, she allows herself to be pushed around by everyone around her.

As for the upcoming book, Please Baby, the main character Jayce is a professional woman who does her best to take care of her niece because she doesn't think her brother can. Even though she doesn't think her brother can, she still loves her brother deeply and looks up to him, even though she doesn't want to admit it. And while she's known she was lesbian since she was about fifteen, she's only had four girlfriends in about ten years. The other character, Gus, lost her parents while she was in college and had to care for sister, Jannie, who was twelve at the time. While raising her sister, Gus managed to build two successful businesses and get married. Unfortunately, she also gets divorced shortly after. Her businesses keep doing well, though.

AJ: What are your ambitions for your writing career?
SLK: I've never actually thought about it. I'd like to just continue to grow and get better as a writer and hopefully keep on writing.

AJ: When will Pleast Baby be released?

SLK: We expect to have it available mid to late July of 2014.

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