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I met and became online friends with Claire Highton-Stevenson on Facebook. Seriously, where else would I, who barely leaves New Jersey and Pennsylvania, become friends with someone from England? We share a love of reading and writing, as well as an interest in photography, and lastly the doubt that someone would possibly buy and read what we’ve written. I’ve written ten novels and still worry with every release that maybe I’ve written something readers won’t like this time, and will leave the book to languish in the land of the unread lesfic romances, well beyond the coveted top one hundred novels.

While I’m on the subject, please leave a review, especially if you like what your favorite author wrote…it’s like giving an author a hug. (In addition to that, Amazon factors in the number of positive reviews an author receives in their algorithm to calculate those previously mentioned top one hundred novels.)

That being said, I am happy to introduce you to Claire Highton-Stevenson.


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Thank you so much AJ for allowing me the time on your space to promote myself a little to potentially a different audience.

Since becoming a published author, I have been amazed at the number of wonderful women out there who are willing to give new, and often indie authors, a leg up.

I started my journey into publishing lesfic pretty much by accident. I was convinced that nobody would buy a copy of the book. Having written for my own fun, I’d put together the bones of several potential novels, but nothing I’d put my actual name to!

When I broke my leg, I had a lot of time on my hands to start re-writing one. I chose OUT. It was the first story I’d ever attempted to write and even after three, four and maybe five drafts, I still didn’t believe anybody would want to read it.

Now, four books in, I am just about starting to believe that maybe there are a few people out there that like what I do.

So, what do I do? It’s a good question, and I am not sure I have a professional answer, because I don’t think of myself as a professional. I didn’t go to college and gain any degrees in English. My grammar is atrocious and without the help of my friend, editor and fellow author, Michelle Arnold, I’d still be writing fanfic and just enjoying a hobby! (Btw, if you love a good mystery, you might wanna check her out!)

I write about a character called Camryn Thomas, she is English like me, tall and blonde like me, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Her life is in LA, she’s rich and decent and trying to find her way following heartbreak. So far, I have written OUT and Next. The third in the series, Yes, should be out in the autumn.

The Promise

All of my books so far are situated in the Cam Universe. Though you will probably find them quite different from the Cam Thomas Series. Where Cam is fun and a little angsty, The Promise is a little deeper.

The Promise tackles the subject of terminal cancer. A lot of readers have told me that it took them a while to decide to actually read it, but almost all of them were glad they did. I don’t take the topic lightly, nor do I shy away from the difficulties and upset of it, but what I do try to do is to bring life to characters that are believable. Characters who are very much like those of us that have had to deal with moving on after such a tragic event.


Escape and Freedom brings together two women that are facing their own demons, women who find strength in one another at a time when both need it. It’s a more family-based drama. Living on the shores of Lake Tahoe, Lucy and Nicole find themselves neighbours, and with Nicole’s eldest child bonding them all together, it’s only a matter of time before the inevitable happens, isn’t it?

I want to always try and bring something different with each book that I publish. My next book will be a murder mystery, introducing a new detective series. I like to try and challenge myself. I love detective tales, so I figured why not try and write one! So, I did, because it would be easy to just keep doing what I am doing, and with so many other options wouldn’t it be fun to try them all? Sci-fi, magic…who knows, that’s the joy of fiction, you can just make it all up as you go along.

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