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K’Anne Meinel (pronounced Kay Ann My Null), an American author was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and emerged full formed behind a keyboard, sometime in the 1960's, where she still resides today after a seventeen year detour through Southern and Central California on the beach.  Her first novel, SHIPS written in 2003 was to be the beginnings of many masterpieces.  Bringing her characters to life in the pages of her books she discovered a real talent for writing romances.  She is the best-selling author of the novels REPRESENTED and LAWYERED and her other works include LONG DISTANCE ROMANCE, GERMANIC, and TIMED ROMANCE.  Her novella Sapphic Surfer has been a best-seller and others such as Sapphic Cowboi, Sapphic Cowgirl, and Ghostly Love have received acclaim.  In 2011 she started her infamous MALICE series including an anti-hero/killer by the name of Alice.  Writing well-researched romance novels with humor and a bit of spice she plans to travel some more to fuel her ever hungry keyboard with many more places she hasn’t already been in her books!

Several years ago K’Anne created Shadoe Publishing in order to showcase her books under a publishing logo and house.  Many outlets will not accept independent self-published books any other way than within the parameters of a publishing house.  Shadoe Publishing met that need, and allowed K’Anne to use her skills in running companies that she had done for over twenty-five years with other companies, to market and showcase new and upcoming authors.  Shadoe Publishing has expanded since its inception to include ten other authors who have used K’Anne and her skills under the Shadoe Publishing brand to promote their works.  K’Anne has no intention of being the ‘biggest’ publisher of LGBT works, but she does intend to be the most supportive and the most successful in the unique atmosphere that she has created for her authors.

AJ: I had the pleasure of meeting K’Anne during the Christmas Giveaway on Facebook’s Lesbian Book Reader’s Club. She is an extremely busy person, but took the time to help me with an issue I had with posting my books on the site. Thanks again, K’Anne for your help! ‘They’ say (whoever they are) give a busy person the job if you want something done. Well, they are right, as she took care of business in a flash.

I don’t like to procrastinate because it drives ME crazy when people keep ME waiting, so you are VERY welcome!  The Giveaway was a GREAT success for everyone involved and I hope you had fun!  It was great exposure for the authors and got the readers aware of many new and terrific authors than they had been exposed to before.  This allowed a one-time opportunity for many to be ‘exposed.’  LOL.

AJ: Ha! I did have fun. And it was nice you posted a list of all the participating authors’ contact info when the contest ended. K’Anne is the owner of her own publishing company and just last year she published sixteen of her own books. Welcome, K’Anne Meinel.

Thank you AJ (I like that name, my son is named that as well) for this opportunity.

AJ: Wow!  See, we have something in common already.

Please tell us what motivated you and how you came to start your own publishing company.

Ships Paperback Cover 3

I kept getting asked HOW I DID IT.  I originally self-published and was approached by a disreputable publishing company to publish my first book SHIPS.  They took advantage of my naiveté about publishing at the time and published a horrible version of my book, it is NOT edited, in fact they ADDED errors when they retyped it instead of using the electronic version I provided them.  I learned a LOT from that experience.  What NOT to do to others.  My authors are in this experience from start to finish.  It’s their BABY.  I just provide the tools and the knowledge to guide them.  That’s why Shadoe Publishings motto is: Because a publisher SHOULD stand behind their authors.  Not everyone will continue to publish with me after a while, they have the confidence, some even have the knowledge and abilities to continue on their own.  I wish them well; it’s like a mother hen watching her hatchlings go out on their own.  I help, but I don’t smother.  I teach, but they have to be willing to learn.  I guide, but they have to WANT this, it isn’t for the faint at heart.  Publishing isn’t always an easy job, I just make it SEEM that way so it makes their work look nice, they feel confident about it, and their work shines.  I decided to start Shadoe Publishing in order to actually DO all this FOR others rather than just ‘give’ it away.  I want to ease them into this world which can be very vicious to new authors.  I hope I run interference and make it a pleasant experience for them all.

AJ do you self-publish or are all your books through Bella?  I know some publish with a house and some do a little of both?

AJ: I actually publish with Desert Palm Press. Our books are available through many major distributors. DPP is a small publishing company, and I enjoy working with them.

How many books have you written and how many have been published?

As of this date I’ve published just under 70 books, but this includes Novels, Novellas, and Short Stories.  I have 150 or more on my laptop at very moment just waiting to come to life.  A lot of the time when fans ask me what is next, I ask, “What would YOU like to see?”  So AJ, what would you like to see? 

AJ: Umm…I mostly read romances, so a romance would be nice.

How many do you have? 

AJ: I’m a slacker compared to you! I’ve only published 5 books, and one novelette in the last 14 months.

This next question is somewhat akin to asking do you have a favorite child. However, I’m going to ask it anyway. Of all your books, do you have a favorite? 

Yes, I’m very well aware of this ‘problem (favorite) child’ question…Yes and no, some of the books meant a lot to me when I wrote them.  Some were short and sweet and when you read them you will see why they were. 

Long Distance Romance

Ships was my VERY first and a second edition I hope will be out by GCLS in New Orleans this next July so that I can sign and give away new copies. 

Long Distance Romance, my second, has a company in it that to this day I still own, but I’m selling it and hope to always have ‘those’ fond memories I included in the book. 


Germanic has a cancer scare in it that I took from my very own details of dealing with Lymphoma back in 2003.  All of my books have some personal details of some sort, that’s why I love to talk to fans about them to see what captured their attention and why they liked/disliked aspects of the books.

I am every one of my characters…for a time, and yet NONE of them.

Have you read me AJ?  If so, which one?

AJ: Sorry to say, no. I’ve been so busy working on my own books, I’ve probably only read three or four books in the past year.

What genre(s) do you write in and what drew you to this genre?

I write exclusively Lesbian Fiction and mostly Romance.  But a few years ago I had a yearning to write a little mystery, a little murder and mayhem.  Inspired by the Showtime show ‘Dexter’ I began a series called Malice about a Lesbian anti-hero named Alice.  I don’t condone Murder and Mayhem but she gets away with it, maybe doing something we’d all like to do now and again.  She’s a serial killer with a conscience and she’s been widely applauded.  I have 16 novellas out about Alice and 3 Novels that contain 5 each of the novellas in paperback.

AJ: You have already accomplished more than most authors hope to in their writing lifetimes. What are your ambitions for your writing career?

I’d love to get ALL the books out on my laptop eventually. But, as you say, I’m a BUSY woman and I genuinely enjoy helping out other authors. New and even established authors come to me for advice which proves to me I know what I am doing. I worry that some newbies might think I’d take advantage of them but I think my reputation is such that if they check with my past authors, they will see I was gentle, I was kind, and I NEVER took advantage.

At one time I did get out a book a week; I had that much in stock.  People HAD to have gotten SICK of seeing me on social media posting about my ‘latest’ addition.  So now I come out with them randomly and hope that the wide variety of things I write about appeal to different people accordingly.  If this book isn’t your cuppa tea, maybe another one will tickle your fancy.

AJ: On average, how long does it take you to write a book?

Sapphic Cowgirl copy

I used to be able to write a book in a week or two.  Ships, my first took TWO weeks to write.  But it was my FIRST and I played with it for 8 YEARS before I started publishing before it was published outside of my control.  I’ve gone back on many of my books and re-edited, re-tweaked, and re-released 2nd editions.  I am NOT perfect and neither is all of my older work, but I think people get the wonderful stories that lie within the covers.  I think too they appreciate how hard we as authors TRY to give them the best and improve what we already have to work with.

Sapphic Surfer Cover

Now I have books I started 10 years ago and never finished, some I can say are weeks old as ideas came to me.  I’m hoping to finish a few this year because the ever hungry fans are asking!  But I am also busy with re-releasing several with updates, new covers, and some never before seen in paperback.  Like my novella Sapphic Surfer or Sapphic Cowgirls, now they are out in Pocket Paperbacks which are about the size of Harlequin Romance, a quick read, but something tangible for those who LOVE a paperback.  The updated version is also up as an e-book.

AJ: What genre do you prefer to read? Do you have a favorite author?

I love romance and historical fiction.  My favorite and most inspiring author is Bertrice Small.  I have every novel she EVER wrote.  She actually wrote me 12 years ago and made many recommendations.  That was enough of a boost for me to get my act going.  I’ve been writing ever since.

AJ: If you were to be stranded somewhere for a week and could only have one book with you, which book would it be?

A notebook, so I could WRITE…because I have so many stories in MY head that reading that ‘one’ book would NEVER be enough for me.  The desire to create is so strong in me that when an author gives me THEIR book to proof read (I am NOT an editor), I love reading their creation, I love taking that and tweaking it into book form for them.  I love hearing the catch in their voice when they hold their creation in their hands for the first time…I want to CREATE!

Which book would you choose AJ?

AJ: Ahha! I just realized what a hard question this is. Maybe a dictionary…it is what would keep me occupied the longest, I think. I do like your idea of tablet and pencil though.

Describe your writing process, K’Anne.

I’ll be watching a movie, reading a book, or having a conversation and something triggers a creative moment and I have to write it down.  I never take ‘their’ ideas which worried me when I started reading other’s work, that I might unintentionally borrow their style or their stories, that has never happened fortunately.  I instead go off on different tangents that start the creative juices flowing.  I will sketch out an outline immediately and if it’s really strong, I can write out the entire book for days.  My time isn’t quite my own anymore so that whole writing constantly thing, isn’t going to happen.  However, the time I do steal for myself and my work is precious so I use it wisely, I write a scene here, a chapter there, and then when it’s almost ‘done’ and now with more experience I recognize ‘done’ a bit better, I can formulate it into a good book for my readers pleasure…at least I hope I do, lol

AJ: What advice would you give young/new authors just starting their writing career?

If you have the desire to do it, then DO IT.  No one else can write like YOU do.  No one else is going to do it FOR you.  So write! 

I read a line somewhere and I do not know who the author of it is but I’ll paraphrase it here.  If you are going to write crap, then write crap, you can always edit it later. That is great advice, just WRITE it, because otherwise, how will you KNOW if anyone else will LIKE it.  Even if others HATE it, there is a lesson to be learned there.  You were brave enough to write it, brave enough to get it out there, now be brave enough to own it.

AJ: What was it like to give your first autograph?

Awkward, it still can be but when they are so honored to have your autograph and you are secretly so honored that they asked, you have to live off that thrill.  Getting recognized is amazing...except when I’m wearing rippy jeans and no makeup.

AJ: How much of your own, or of your friend’s lives go into your characters?

A great percentage.  Each book has friends who only know if I tell them.  I change names, appearances, and personalities but you write what you know.  Each book, as I mentioned before, has a percentage of my ‘real’ life experiences in it.  I am me but I am my characters WHILE I write them.  Once the book is done, so is my ‘connection’ with them.

Do you do this as well?

AJ: LOL…I try to be judicious in what I use from conversations. I will, however, admit to picking some pearls from conversations with friends. I try not to use too much for fear no one will speak to me any longer.

You can find more information about all of K’Anne’s books on her Website or read her Blog or send her an E-mail.

Thanks for the interview, K’Anne.


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