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When we at Dirt Road Books were forming our company, we had many discussions about what we wanted to be as a company, what we wanted to gain as owners, and what we wanted to accomplish in the world of publishing.

There were many answers—as well as many more questions—but one of the things we all agreed on was that we would give back to the community. This might take various forms, but one specific way we started investigating was financially supporting charities.

As we began our second year of business in January 2018, we started the process of engaging in our first charitable project. One of the best ways that writers can give to a charity is with an anthology, so we decided that we would put together an anthology called Learning Curve.

We invited some amazing authors to join us in telling stories that illustrate the theme of Learning Curve in some way. We threw the theme out there and left it up to the writers to decide what it meant to them. Does a learning curve mean learning a skill? Training for a sport? Getting lessons in love or human nature? The writers in this anthology cover the gamut of instruction, from the practical to the emotional, and sometimes both in the same story.

Our authors include: Lori Lake, Sacchi Green, KD Williamson, Jessie Chandler, Stefani Deoul, Catherine Lane, Anna Burke, Michelle Teichman, Jove Belle, Andi Marquette, and yours truly.

The charity we chose to support is One Girl (www.onegirl.org.au), which is an organization dedicated to educating girls who might not otherwise have the opportunity to be educated. So many young girls around the globe are prevented from learning because they’re sold into marriage, pushed into prostitution (either by force or necessity), or hindered by simple poverty (not that there’s anything simple about poverty). On the front page of their “what we do” page is this statement:

“WE EDUCATE GIRLS. Because little girls with dreams become women with vision.”

That says it all.

One thing I want to point out is that all the participating authors have most generously agreed to donate their stories so that we could give as much as possible to One Girl.

If you’d like to get involved in One Girl’s mission, check out their “get involved” page here: www.onegirl.org.au/get-involved-2

I hope that you’ll support One Girl and DRB’s mission to create a better future for girls, women, and LGBTQ+ people by purchasing a copy of Learning Curve. It will be available in December 2018 in both ebook and paperback formats.

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